Sunday, August 30, 2009

Raleigh News and Observer Story on Mark Lyttle and the ICEcapades

Kristin Collins' article U.S. ignored evidence when it deported U.S. citizen to Mexico appeared in today's Raleigh News and Observer. It provides a succinct and revealing account of ICE mishaps leading to Mark Lyttle's deportation.

(Credit for today's post's headline goes to my friend Jamie; credit for the image goes to Serendipity.)

update 8/31/09: the original post was linked to the Charlotte Observer, but the story appeared first in Kristin Collins' own Raleigh News and Observer, as now linked above.

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Benjamin "El Chupacabras" Reed said...

This story makes my blood boil. The jack-booted thugs and the other hacks who work for ICE need to be thrown out on their a$$es. It is indicative of the fact that racial profiling does and still exist. There needs to be some heads rolling over this. THIS IS NOT THE COUNTRY I WAS RAISED IN!

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