Monday, February 9, 2009

English Only: British MP Presses PM Gordon Brown on Israel Human Rights Violations

Tonight I ended up watching the 30 minutes of "Ask the Prime Minister" session recorded last Wednesday. Prime Minister Gordon Brown was being asked to renounce not only capitalism, by one Labour Party Member of Parliament, alert to the ideology's recent difficulties, but also, by another, to insist that Israel allow humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Before making this request, the MP, I don't recall his name, explained that by preventing lorries carrying medical supplies and food from reaching Palestinians in Gaza, Israel was violating international law. The speaker described in some detail the devastation Israel caused during its bombing, and insisted on the importance of Israel allowing entrance into Gaza of lorries driven by United Nations and other human rights workers. It reminded me of how odd it is that a member of the U.S. Congress would never publicly press President Obama on Israel.

The British Prime Minister replied by saying that he had written a letter to the Israeli Prime minister requesting that Israel immediately allow the lorries entry.

Super-imposed on the screen in white letters: Lorry - Truck

The need to instruct on simple vocabulary revealed in form the differences in substantive political intelligence between our Congress and the British Parliament I had been watching.

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