Thursday, January 1, 2009

DHS Illegally Detains and Deports US Citizen Born in Fresno, Califonia

Daily Journal reporter Sandra Hernandez details another familiar-sounding case of ICE agents and immigration judges ignoring the rule of law. Jose Ledesma showed immigration agents a copy of his Fresno birth certificate, also on file with Madera County. Numerous agents and immigration judges ignored their burden of proof and asserted he was lying. On various occasions Ledesma was detained, deported, and also charged with falsely impersonating a US citizen.

Ledesma told Hernandez, "I know my rights, but in court you don't really understand all the legal stuff or they just don't believe you."

"I think the only reason I got out is immigration saw the newspaper stuff and didn't want to keep me in there after it was public," he said.

You can find out the rest of a very familiar story in Sandra Hernandez's article here.

Thanks to Dan Kowalksi for posting this on Bender's Immigration Bulletin.

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