Thursday, June 5, 2008

ICE Deporting and Detaining US Citizens by the Thousands

For the past few months I've been interviewing lawyers, ICE agents, an immigration judge, law professors, and detainees themselves in order to document the procedures ICE is using to illegally incarcerate between 3,500 to 10,000 U.S. citizens since 2004. Many of them are held in Eloy, Arizona at a detention center pictured on the left and run by the Corrections Corporation of America.

Today The Nation magazine published an article I wrote based on that research, called "On Thin Ice." You can read the article here. Future posts will share much more information that space did not permit for inclusion in the Nation article.

I'm kinda bummed that The Nation went with the image of Peter Guzman returning to the US in its online version because the Guzman case is relatively well-known and my reporting indicates that the problem goes far beyond Guzman's experiences.

If you have any other stories to add about ICE abuses, please let me know as I have decided to write a book about this.


Alex said...

This is so sad, looks like racism is well alive in the USA.

Tina Shull said...

This is excellent work, and so incredibly important... keep it up!

Anonymous said...

My husband is going through this now. When i went to ICE in Aril 2008 to get my husbands belongs, I was told by an ICE agent to get an attorney there is a good chance he is a citizen. I can prove he my husband is a citizen. But the judge says he is not and he has been ordered deported. I am not surprised this happens more than you think. For the record my husband is not from the southern region.

Elena Katz said...

I have been detained in NH for 4 months on fasle allegations that I was an illegal allen, by Sgeriif Nye Rock County Sheriffs Dept, wjo was being suoed for civil righhts vilationbs, when he made a fals report against me, My daughtrer was kidnapped from me, amd since was irepparable injured in State of NH custody. Please contact me at I have Fed comlaint I can attach for publications THis thisnh did not even happens in Totaliatarian Russia. Let us fights for our liverty, to stop false allagations and retaliation using False immiugartions detainers, amd kidnapping of children under false prestences while Mothers are jailed

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