Tuesday, August 30, 2016

FOIA-ing the FOIA Manual! The Inside Scoop on USCIS and DHS Data Entry and Databases

From USCIS FOIA Search Training Manual

      A couple months ago, fed up with the randomness of Freedom of Information Act rote rejection letters from certain agencies--the State Department is the worst and USCIS had just lost a remand responsive to my appeal--I got off the phone with the USCIS employee and FOIA-d their FOIA manuals.  (UPDATE 9/3/2016-link fixed!)

     The response, uploaded here, is over 4200 pages.   

The information could be helpful for FOIA litigation (next up: other agencies) and also provides insights from actual agency examples that might be helpful with due process litigation.  I'm still scrolling through it... 

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